Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness as We Age?

Oct 05, 2023
 Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness as We Age?
If your teeth are noticeably less bright or look a bit yellow, it may be a side effect of aging. Learn why the aging process contributes to tooth discoloration and how professional tooth whitening can restore your beautiful smile.

Getting older causes a variety of changes in your dental health. For some, the most noticeable change is the discoloration of teeth.

If you’re unhappy with yellowed, dull-looking teeth, you may be a candidate for the tooth whitening services we offer at DDS Concierge. Our experienced dentist, Edward Delshad, DDS, provides professional teeth whitening services that boost the whiteness and brightness of your teeth by several shades.

Our dental team can also recommend ways to maintain your whitening results in the long term, so your smile looks amazing.

The effect of aging on teeth

Aging affects the appearance and health of your teeth in several ways. Your teeth may become duller, yellowed, or otherwise discolored because of:

Thinning enamel 

The natural aging process thins out your enamel, the protective outer layer of your teeth. The thinner your enamel becomes, the more noticeable the dark dentin layer underneath becomes.

Chronic disease

Aging can increase your risk for cancer, liver disease, and other chronic health conditions. In turn, underlying diseases can make you prone to tooth discoloration.

Medications you take for age-related health issues can also have a negative effect on your teeth’s health and appearance.


A lifetime of drinking coffee and wine or smoking cigarettes can cause deep-set stains in your teeth that you can’t remove with regular brushing.

How professional tooth whitening can restore your smile

At DDS Concierge, Dr. Delshad and our team offer in-office tooth whitening services to restore your teeth’s whiteness. Our professional strength treatments can address even the deep-set stains that over-the-counter whiteners can’t.

We use a safe and effective bleaching agent that whitens your enamel without damaging your teeth or gums. Our team also takes extra steps to protect your oral health during your treatment to reduce your risk for tooth sensitivity.

In just one treatment, your teeth will be several shades whiter, so you can smile more often and with more confidence.

Tips for preventing tooth discoloration

While you may not be able to prevent the yellowing of your teeth as you age, you can take steps to minimize your risk for discoloration.

Here are some quick tips to keep your smile bright and your teeth healthy:

  • Brush 2-3 times a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Schedule dental cleanings twice a year
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco

Limiting teeth-staining foods and beverages is also important for keeping your teeth white. If you do consume wine, coffee, tea, or other staining foods, be sure to rinse your mouth soon after. You can also minimize stains by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

If you’re interested in professional tooth whitening, our team will first evaluate the health of your teeth and gums to confirm that you’re a candidate for treatment. We also offer comprehensive dental cleanings to remove bacteria and plaque to protect your teeth from decay.

Call the DDS Concierge office in Arleta or Santa Monica, California, today to schedule a tooth whitening consultation, or book an appointment online