Learn About Laser Dentistry: More Gain, Less Pain

May 08, 2023
Learn About Laser Dentistry: More Gain, Less Pain
When you need treatment for gum disease or sleep apnea, laser dentistry may be the solution you've been waiting for. Learn how advanced laser technologies can improve your oral health in less time and more comfortably than other methods.

The laser dentistry services available at DDS Concierge can make your dental visit more comfortable than ever before.

Experienced dentist Edward Delshad, DDS, uses advanced laser technologies to treat even the most complex oral health issues in less time than traditional therapies. Our team has extensive training in the latest laser technologies to ensure the best outcome for your treatment.

What to know about laser dentistry

Laser dentistry techniques use concentrated beams of light to treat both the soft tissues and bones in your mouth.

The laser therapies we offer provide a more comfortable experience than traditional dental treatments. For instance, we can use laser energy to remove areas of tooth decay before a filling, so we can eliminate the discomfort of drilling.

The use of advanced laser energy also supports wound healing and causes less bleeding than other dental methods, so you can heal more efficiently after gum treatments and other complex therapies.

Overall, many people appreciate the convenience laser dentistry offers. Using advanced lasers, we can streamline your treatments to save you time. Comfort is also a key advantage of laser therapies, and you may not even need anesthesia during your appointment.

Dental conditions treatable with laser therapy

Advancements in laser dentistry practices allow us to treat a range of oral health issues more efficiently and in less time than other methods. The laser technologies we use at DDS Concierge can address:

Our dental experts can also use laser dentistry techniques to lengthen crowns to improve the symmetry of your smile.

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, we can remove the excess tissues at the back of your throat with a high level of precision using laser energy. Lasers also minimize your risk for infection, bleeding, and other complications after tissue removal.

Candidates for laser dentistry

To find out if laser dentistry is a treatment option for you, our DDS Concierge team completes an oral health evaluation and takes dental X-rays during your first visit. We review all available treatment options with you, so you can make the most informed decisions about your oral health.

While many people are suitable candidates for laser dental therapy, some situations may require more traditional methods. For example, lasers aren’t appropriate for the removal of metal fillings. We may also need to use drills and other instruments to adjust your bite or reshape your teeth or gums.

If you are a candidate for laser dentistry, we prioritize your health, safety, and comfort at each visit. Our office is fully equipped with modern technologies to monitor your vital signs and pain levels throughout your laser treatments.

We tailor a laser therapy plan to your dental challenges. Our dental experts also offer routine checkups and other preventive dental services that keep your smile looking great and your gums healthy. 

Call the DDS Concierge office in Santa Monica or Arleta, California, to find out if you’re a candidate for laser dentistry, or book an appointment online today.