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Botox, Cosmetic Makeover & House Call located in Santa Monica and Arleta, CA

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DDS Concierge integrates traditional general dentistry practice with holistic approaches to best meet the needs of patients. Edward Delshad, DDS, received his credentials from the University of Maryland in College Park and worked as a clinical faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles, California, for over 11 years. Dr. Delshad brings this extensive knowledge to serve communities in Santa Monica and Arleta, California.

The DDS Concierge specialists work diligently to meet your needs best. The experts provide services, such as bleaching, both in-office and in the comfort of your home. Life can get hectic, and DDS Concierge makes house calls to meet you halfway.

Dr. Delshad offers cosmetic dentistry, such as Botox®, and traditional dentistry procedures to treat common concerns, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Whether you’re suffering from headaches or mouth sores, the DDS Concierge team customizes your treatment options to yield exceptional results.

To learn more about the many services DDS Concierge offers, call the Santa Monica and Arleta, California, office today or book online through the reservation system.